Sacander Haus
August 9, 2016


Renovation and extension

Berlin, Germany_2015


competition: Winers

* under construction

Renovation and extension of an old pump station converted into a luxurious family house in Berlin. There is 2 existing volumes painted in white and the 3 new ones added are distinguished with different materials. The pool house is a separated volume which is linked inside through the basement.

The existing hall, 3 floors high and placed 1,5m underground, is preserved as a magnificent living room. An open-air glass gallery is introduced to have more light and bring the reflex of nature inside the house with a tree as an indicator of the weather stations.

A light stair connects the platforms open to the huge space around the patio to reach the ground floor and first floor. The access to the 2nd floor is apart to get more privacy to the master bedroom.

Renovation and extension –¬†Berlin, Germany 2015